Beautiful Canberra

This collage features some beautiful local tree bark, trees and a few well-known and not-so-well-known views of Canberra.

Size:        49cm x 71cm

Medium: Premium photo gloss HD 255gsm paper.

Cost:        AUS$50 including postage within Australia.

Photos:    From top left across and down to bottom right:

1. Green bark on a eucalypt branch, Ainslie, ACT.
2. Eucalypt bark from outside Hotel Realm, Barton ACT.
3. Beautiful autumn apricot tree leaf, Ainslie, ACT.
4. Dam view of Crace, looking North-West from Barton Highway, ACT.
5. Eucalyptus that goes pink in the summer sun.

6. Gelati coloured sky in Mitchell, ACT.

7. Smooth skinned eucalyptus, Mt.Ainslie, ACT.

8. White-spotted salmon coloured eucalypt leaves, Ainslie, ACT.

9. Acacia Longifolia leaves tipped red.

10. Spider web in the early morning mist.
11. Horse eye as part of a Camden White Gum, National Arboretum, ACT.
12. Black Mountain with passing summer smoke wisps, Campbell ACT.