Beautiful Canberra

This collage is a diverse range of images from the Australian Capital Region, including Lake George Weereewa.

Size:        49cm x 71cm

Medium: Premium photo gloss HD 255gsm paper.

Cost:        AUS$50 including postage within Australia.

Photos:    From top left across and down to bottom right:

1, Eucalyptus decorated with resin and silvery leaves, Apple Argyle.
2. Looking North on Lake George Weereewa, NSW
3. Dragonfly Gossamer - exoskeleton remainder.
4. Kangaroo out for a walk, Lake George Weereewa, NSW
5. Hairy Mary caterpillar (Anthera varia), Lake George Weereewa, NSW
6. Foggy morning, Macs Reef Road, Bywong NSW.

7. Silvery eucalypt wrinkles, Lake George Weereewa, NSW

8. Horse eye, White Camden Gum National Arboretum, ACT.

9. Blotched blue tongue lizard  (Tiliqua nigrolutea), Bywong NSW.

9. Eyes have it, silvery eucalyptus tree, Bywong NSW.
10. Kangaroo head sculpture, Bywong NSW.
11. Coloured eucalyptus leaves, E.Blakelyi, Ainslie ACT.
12. Coloured eucalyptus bark, Bywong NSW.