Hello and welcome to Natures's Artist Photography. My name is Nora and I live near Canberra, Australia in the New South Wales bush. Róisín is my middle name - Rosheen or Little Rose in Irish.

The Photos

These images give a glimpse into the incredible variety of the natural world around me here - gorgeous colour, texture, light, shape and movement. Many of the trees photographed here with great colour are Eucalyptus Mannifera.

My photos are nearly all as I see them - very little digital enhancement is used. Sometimes, when I look back at shots, I have to go and check what enhancements I have made because it's hard to believe the beautiful colours and patterns that nature creates. I am awestruck.

I use both my mobile /cell phone and my digital SLR to take these photos because for me it's about the serendipity of what I see when I am out and about, and the act of taking photos for me is quick - a cheeky pleasure.


Nora Róisín Stewart
My photography seems to have always been connected with movement and travel, starting on my first trip to Europe in the swelteringly hot summer of 1976, with my first instant Kodak camera, given to me by my parents.

Many years later in 1987, I arrived in Canberra, ACT, Australia  and got very active in the outdoors at that time – walking, cross-country skiing, climbing and orienteering. This stimulated my need to record and take pictures of those beautiful places I visited. My interest, once focused on the wide landscapes seemed to have slowly moved in towards more detailed aspects of the landscapes I traverse, particularly Australian trees, which I now find fascinating.

My photography has a family influence, including both my parents who enjoyed photography. My maternal grandfather, Henry Alger, was also drawn to  Australian trees, photographing them in significant detail and later in his life, planting a huge number of Australian natives in his substantial garden in Mt.Eliza, Victoria.

It is also worth noting that his grandmother Eliza Roberts (my great, great grandmother) had connections through marriage to the Wedgwood family in England, including Thomas Wedgwood, who is said to have been the first person to create permanent photographs on paper. The Wedgwood family is related to the Darwin family, including the naturalist, Charles Darwin. My grandfather was also interested by those family connections, and who knows how much those genetic influences echo down the years?